10 Signs that Your Body Needs Help

10 Signs that Your Body Needs Help

Our body, despite the millions of processes that are constantly occurring in it, knows how to show us that there is some kind of a difficulty or problem in its functioning.

The important question to ask ourselves is how often we pay attention to the signs that it gives us.

Proper care of ourselves includes regular medical checkups, and taking care of food and lifestyle.

Early detection of any problem can be of crucial importance for its solution. So pay attention when you experience any of these symptoms:



  1. Dry skin

Dry skin is often awkward and dull. It shows that your body lacks vitamin E. To complement the necessary amounts of this vitamin in your everyday diet include fish, nuts and vegetable oils.


  1. Fragile hair and nails

Similar to skin these symptoms indicate a lack of vitamin B and calcium. Enter these important nutrients through whole grains, wholegrain breads, milk, legumes and potatoes.


  1. Increased appetite for salt and salty foods

The need for increased salt intake suggests that your body needs also some other mineral supplements. But increased demand for salt may be a sign of infection or inflammation throughout the body.




  1. Increased appetite for sweet food

And the growing desire for sweet food points to inadequate nutrition. To solve this problem, drink plenty of water, eat fresh salads and stick to healthy food.


  1. Increased desire for raw food

The desire for raw foods (sushi, cheese …) might indicate some kind of imbalance in the gastrointestinal or digestive system. Raw food helps relieve spasms and soothe the stomach. So include in your diet fresh and leafy vegetables and many fruits.


  1. Increased desire for seafood

This may indicate two problems: lack of minerals and nutrients (proteins) or iodine deficiency. Seafood is still a healthy diet, but try, beside this to enter and some other foods.


  1. Dry skin on elbows

Dry skin on this part of the body is a sign of vitamins A and C deficiency. These vitamins can be found in apricots, carrots or oranges.



  1. Restless sleep, irritability, leg cramps

These symptoms indicate a lack of magnesium – an inhibitor of neuronal action and calcium – an important nutrient for the brain, heart and muscles. Increase your intake of green leafy vegetables, almonds, walnuts, apricots, plums, bananas…


  1. Bleeding gums and mouth

Bleeding gums and mouth often occurs due to vitamin C deficiency. This vitamin is found, in large quantities, in the garlic, fruits (especially oranges) and vegetables.


  1. Increased desire for acidic foods and drinks

Hormonal changes (eg. in pregnant women) may result in an increased desire for acidic foods or drinks. Additional ingredients contained in salty foods stimulate the liver and gall bladder – potentially indicating a problem with any of these organs. Healthy sources of acidic foods include cranberries (or cranberry juice), lime and lemon.





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