8 Ways to Wake up Fresh and more Beautiful

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8 Ways to Wake up Fresh and more Beautiful


Sleep is very important for normal functioning, as well as for our physical appearance. That’s why it would be ideal if we could have 8 hours of quality sleep, which for many of us is simply impossible. But there are other ways that can help us look nice and relaxed when we wake up.

Here you can read about eight useful tips that can greatly help you in order to have a nice fresh look when you wake up.



  1. Start by washing and removing makeup

No matter how tired you are, before you go to sleep remove all makeup from your face with tonic, and massage shortly your face with mild circular motions. Then apply a serum or cream that is appropriate for your skin type.

  1. The cream should contain the following ingredients

Sometimes there are so many products for a specific purpose, and it is simply very difficult to choose the right one. So, next time you choose, make sure the cream contains the following things: retinol, glycolic acid, peptides and red algae. These compounds stimulate collagen production.



  1. Find the right position for sleep

It is the best to sleep on your back, because in that way your face will not touch the pillow and small wrinkles would not be created.




  1. Use silk bedding

Apart from being softer than cotton, silk will not leave any traces on your face if you turn to the side. For this reason you should use silk bedding and do not have to be afraid that in the morning you will wake up with small wrinkles and lines on your face.



  1. Fit face preparations depending on the season and weather conditions

During the summer use a moisturizing cream that does not close the pores. During the winter it is very important to add a few drops of natural oil, which will protect your skin from cold temperatures and will make it even softer.


6. Check the dryness of the air

If you could buy one of those devices that maintain optimal humidity in your room, you will make a great favor to your skin. We all know that dry air is one of the biggest enemies of the skin.

  1. Provide restful sleep

Let your bedroom be an oasis of peace, where you will feel relaxed and beautiful. Turn off all equipment in this room, the TV and the phone, even the radio and relax. Recharge your batteries with energy that will keep you throughout the day.



  1. Sleep at least 7 hours

Lack of sleep is another great enemy for the skin and the beautiful complexion. If you do not have an average sleep of 8 hours, your skin will grow old much faster and get blemishes. Eye bags will become a regular visitor to your face, and despite the tired look with wrinkles, you will constantly be under stress.




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