An Amazing Tincture for a Healthy Body!

An Amazing Tincture for a Healthy Body!

Today, when due to excessive use of synthetic antibiotics most microorganisms have acquired resistance to them, it is wiser to find solutions offered by nature.

The goal of every doctor is ‘Primum non nocere’, i.e. primarily not to harm his patient.

We all know that synthetic antibiotics cause side effects that occur immediately or after a period of use, while the gifts of nature have no side effects.


Propolis is one of the natural products with antibiotic activity.

It is the perfect nutrient that feeds and treats simultaneously.

Propolis is traditionally used as a medicine more than 2000 years.

Curative effect of propolis

A large number of flavonoids are contained in propolis, like: galangin, quercetin, kaempferol, apigenin, pinocembrin and pinobanksin.

Propolis is one of those wise medicines of nature which kills everything that interfere with the body, while at the same time keeps the tissue healthy and undamaged and it heals the sore tissue.


With numerous researches it has been found that propolis is a natural anesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibiotic that works against most viruses, including influenza virus. It is excellent in the fight against fungi and parasites.

What makes it exceptional is that bacteria do not create resistance to propolis and there aren’t harmful side effects, as is the case with synthetic antibiotics.


Propolis is effective in ulcers, burns and stings

It is known that propolis stimulates the creation of new cells and regenerates the damaged tissue.

It’s used to treat diseases of the ear and oral cavity. It gives excellent results in the treatment and prevention of sore throat.

It helps with toothache, gum disease, bad breath, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the urinary channel and gastritis.


Preparation of the tincture:

This tincture is made from propolis and alcohol. For preparation of the tincture is used 96% and more preferably 76% ethyl alcohol, which is meant to be used as a food product. Buy exclusively from the pharmacy.

Into a glass jar put propolis, and then alcohol in the ratio 1: 2. Store this liquor for 5-7 days and shake 3 times daily.

After this time, strain the liquid.

You can consume 20-90 drops of tincture daily, depending on the disease, between meals, with half a tablespoon of honey, warm water or tea.


This tincture is used for:


  • Stomach pains 

20-30 drops diluted with 30% alcohol tincture of propolis three times daily before meals.

  • Calluses

Apply in a thick layer of propolis cream and fix with a plaster. Leave it overnight.

  • Bleeding 

Bleeding from a wound can be quickly stopped by using cotton soaked in propolis drops.

  • Fungal skin diseases 

Several times a day apply on the affected area propolis cream, ointment or drops.

  • Burns:

Soak gauze in the ointment of propolis, and then put on the burned area.

  • Psoriasis:

Three times a day consume 15 drops of propolis. Simultaneously apply the affected area with propolis cream or ointment.



  • Hemorrhoids:

Local use ointment from propolis, and consume propolis drops.

  • Respiratory symptoms:

Make a tea of chamomile or thyme. Add 10 drops of propolis into the hot tea. Cover your head with a towel and inhale yourself several times a day for five minutes.

  • Acne, ulcers, dermatitis, eczema,

Apply on the affected areas quality cream or tincture of propolis several times a day.

  • Periodontitis

Apply propolis drops on the inflamed gums three times a day. Before that, brush your teeth well.




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