How to have beautiful and glowing skin throughout the winter?

How to have beautiful and glowing skin throughout the winter?


The condition of our skin is very important on how we feel and how much confidence we have. However, during the winter very often our skin becomes sensitive, dry, and it’s all because of the heated rooms and cold weather. If you want beautiful and glowing skin, keep in mind the following tips:

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  • Eat Fruit and Vegetables

During winter, we often consume heavy and fatty foods and sometimes forget the fruit and vegetables. We should know that they are very important for hydration and natural beauty of our skin. We recommend during the winter to consume green vegetables, apples, pears, citrus fruits.



  • Minimize your Time into the Baths

During the winter there is nothing better than a long hot shower. Unfortunately, the warm water makes a mess of our skin. Do not avoid showering, just make sure the water is not too hot. If you cannot avoid this, we recommend you use natural creams or coconut oil or cocoa butter, which will return the glow of your skin and prevent excessive drying.



  • Make Exfoliation of the Skin

This is one of the habits that are rarely used, but which do wonders for the skin especially during the winter. Use finished products for exfoliation or a homemade mixture will help in cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, which is recommended twice a week. However, use softer product for your face than you would use for your body because the skin is more sensitive.

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  • Use Oil for Moisturizing the Skin

During the winter months it is particularly important the use of more oily creams and products that prevent drying of the skin caused by snow and wind i.e cold weather generally. Recommended coconut and jojoba oil cause wonders to our skin. Put them on your skin after washing or scrubbing the face, or before bedtime.



  • Drink Plenty of Water

One of the most important things you need to do is hydration inside or drinking sufficient amounts of water. Drink water throughout the day and do not think that winter is when you should drink less water compared to the summer. Especially drink water when you eat salty food or if you exercise hard.

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