Care during Pregnancy

Care during Pregnancy….

There is not a future mother who is not expecting their renewed happy and excited, no matter if it is first pregnancy or who knows which. Also it is naturally, a woman, especially one that is young, to feel a little fear about the changes in her body that are normal. With the advance of pregnancy changes increase.

The body of the mother passes through endocrine and hormonal changes, which affect the skin, hair, and weight of the body.


During pregnancy the swelling of the legs, arms and body is natural. Of course, you should talk to your gynecologist; however here is one cosmetic advice: change your diet and firstly throw out the salt.


Blemishes, freckles, hair…..

The hair of some pregnant women begins to fall off. To prevent this phenomenon use special lotions that will strengthen the hair roots. You should replace your balsam with apple cider vinegar, you can add a few drops of lemon juice and thereby wash your hair.

Future mothers during their pregnancy, from the third to the sixth month, are surprised when they see freckles on the forehead and cheeks, and the appearance of dark-yellowish spots. This phenomenon, when freckles expand on the face, neck and part of the chest, is called chloasma and it is more apparent in the brunette and mature women. Those freckles can stay even after childbirth and during lactation, and spontaneously disappear when menstruation reappears.


If it occurs in women who are not pregnant, it is a sign of fairly serious disorders of the uterus and it should be treated. Very often it occurs in anemic persons.



  • A balanced diet rich in vitamins:¬†carrots, cereals, wheat germ, cabbage, lemon, spinach, cheese, fresh vegetables, yeast, soy, tomato etc.
  • Do not expose to the sun which will further increase them.
  • Do not use soap to wash your face, clean your face with milk and fresh eggs.


  • Wash your face in the morning and evening with water of marshmallow or tea of leaves and flowers of the same plant (3 pinches for 1 cup).
  • Coatings soaked in the juice of birch.
  • Overnight put a coating of crushed strawberries.
  • You can try with coatings from the leaves of burdock, use cucumber slices or coatings soaked with common fumitory tea (2 punches for 1 cup).


Night Beauty Cream: 125 scrubbed clean butter, 2 tablespoons cypress extract, 2 tablespoons sage extract.

Day Beauty Cream: 125 fresh cream, 2 tablespoons cypress extract, 2 tablespoons sage extract.


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