What Do Dairy Products, Wine and Sugar Do to Your Face?

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Are you aware of how dairy products, wine, gluten and sugar affect the appearance of your face?

Experts and nutritionists believe that the food and drink a person consumes can visibly alter its appearance and skin.

Some say that consuming certain types of food it really affects the condition of your skin, as for example the appearance of acne is as a result of consuming a lot of sugar and food containing gluten.

So according to this, the health of your skin is connected to your digestive system, to be more precise, if you suffer from some food intolerance, depending on the food and drink you consume, your skin will react respectively.

What Do Dairy Products, Wine and Sugar Do to Your Face?


Specifically, here’s how your face would look if you frequently consume these 4 foods and drinks:

 “Wine” face

Your skin will be dry and dehydrated, with bright lines on the cheeks, enlarged pores, large wrinkles when you smile, pink cheeks and nose. Pronounced lines and redness between the eyes also descended lids.

All these happen as a result of the dehydration of the body and dilation of the capillaries that alcohol causes. 

“Milk” face

If you frequently consume dairy products expect sucked lids, puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles. Another sign that you exaggerate with eating dairy products are the tiny white patches on the chin.

Mostly, the reason for this is the lactose intolerance, which often causes inflammatory processes in the body, due to the effect on the immune system.

What Do Dairy Products, Wine and Sugar Do to Your Face?

 “Gluten” face

For those people who are intolerant to gluten is typically to have swollen red cheeks, as well as blemishes and dark spots on the chin.

Because of the gluten intolerance, there is a reaction by our immune system, which leads to inflammation processes in our body and they are manifested through the skin.

 “Sugar” face

Perhaps the worst change that will experience an extreme consumption of sugar is wrinkled skin. Skin in some places is with white or gray spots also destroyed by too much sugar. The most striking symptoms are tightened skin, retracted eyes, lines and wrinkles on the forehead, weak and gaunt face with the painful spots.

All these changes that happen as a result of consuming too much sugar are due to the metabolic dysfunction that it causes, also because of the increased uric acid levels.



What Do Dairy Products, Wine and Sugar Do to Your Face?


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