Delicious and Healthy Banana Recipes

Delicious and Healthy Banana Recipes

It helps with diarrhea, lack of energy, weight gain and accumulation of muscle mass, greater concentration and a clear mind, and headaches – like coating and cure for many skin diseases.

banana recipes


In various parts of the world the banana has an interesting use when it comes to preparing healthy and delicious meals.



  1. Bread of bananas and dates


– 1 ½ cup of flour

– ½ teaspoon of baking soda

– ½ teaspoon of cinnamon

– ¼ teaspoon of Indian nutmeg

– ¼ teaspoon of baking powder

– 2 egg whites

– ¼ cup of honey

– 1 cup of mashed fresh bananas

– ¼ cup of oil

– ½ cup of chopped dates

– a little lecithin (liquid)



Mix all dry products. Then beat whites well, together with the honey and mashed banana. While mixing the ingredients add the oil. Then add the flour mixture with dates. Slowly moisten bottom of the pot with lecithin and pour the mixture. Bake at 200 degrees for 55 minutes. Then leave it to cool, first in the pot, and then put it on the metal grille.


banana recipes

  1. Tasty banana dessert


– 2 small green bananas (about 250g)

– 1 tablespoon of margarine

– 1 tablespoon of brown sugar

– 2 tablespoons of apple juice concentrate

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla

– ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon

– 2 tablespoons of dark rum

– 1 cup of sweet cream



First chop the bananas in halves (diagonally and by length). Melt the margarine in a pan on a medium heat, add the sugar, apple juice concentrate, vanilla and cinnamon, and cook them for about 1 minute. Add the bananas and fry for another minute. Heat the rum and add it to the mixture. In two dessert plates put in 4 pieces of banana, cover them with the remaining sauce and garnish on top with ½ cup of sweet cream.


banana recipes


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