Excellent Tea for all Stomach Pains

Excellent Tea for all Stomach Pains


Follow the signals from your body, because symptoms like stomach pains, increased secretion of gastric acid, heartburn, nausea, feeling of tingling in the area of ​​the stomach, sometimes loss of appetite, bloating stomach, suggest some disorders in digestive system which, if not cured in time, can develop into gastritis, stomach ulcer, stomach and intestine irritation.


stomach pains


Mix tea of ​​marshmallow with cilantro, yarrow, wormwood, and you will gain excellent results in treating ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

Actually these are the most effective herbs that match each other very well, and they are available on the market for many years and it has been proven that all the problems in the digestive tract can be successfully treated and removed.

As a result of extensive testing and work, this is verified and effective herbal tea mixture and with regular use the symptoms will disappear quickly. However you should continue with consuming this tea until the problem is completely resolved.

Common digestive problem is also lazy bowel syndrome, which can be solved in a natural way with this tea mixture.


stomach pains




– ​​marshmallow

– cilantro

– yarrow

– wormwood

chia seeds



In 1 liter of boiled water put ​​marshmallow, cilantro, yarrow, wormwood, and chia seeds. Consume this tea mixture and you will achieve amazing and effective results in treating ulcers of the stomach and intestines.


stomach pains



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