Which Foods Cannot be Spoiled?

Which Foods Cannot be Spoiled?

It is said that everything has a shelf life, but it seems that some foods are not time limited. And some of these foods are crystal sugar, honey and white rice.




Website Quid Corner has published an interesting infographic with a shelf life of foods and things (from soda to car tires) and after how much time we should change them.

According to the graphics, there are several things that cannot be spoiled.

Soy sauce (unopened): This savory sauce that is worshiped by millions of people around the world doesn’t have its shelf life. According to the portal Food and Wine, if you open it you have another three years to spend it.

Crystal sugar: While standing in a cool, dry place (and out of reach of ants), sugar can be stored in the pantry as long as is needed.

Honey: Despite that is likely to crystallize, this sweet and healthy treat has strong antimicrobial properties, so there is no way to spoil. If crystallized, there are several ways to bring it back into a liquid state, one of which is to put a jar of honey in a bowl of hot water.



White rice (packed): Unprocessed rice, whole grains will last for around six months, but white rice in the package has no expiry date.

Vinegar: Good deferred vinegar can stand for years.

Baking soda: Sodium bicarbonate cannot spoil.

Dried coffee beans: The main ingredient is the most popular hot beverage around the world has no problem with time. Of course, only if dried grains are dried and properly stored.



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