Foot Care

Foot Care


Feet that are not nourished, are not only an aesthetic problem, because cracked heels, ingrowing toenail or fungal infections can cause problems with walking and choosing shoes, generally make us feel uncomfortable. The worst variant is feet forever hidden in socks and shoes, and before the problem is turning a blind eye because it will not solve itself. Nourished feet do not require much work, but require certain attention and proper foot care.


foot care


  • Fungal infections

Sweating of the feet, closed shoes, sports activities and wearing the same shoes for a long time, lead to development of fungal infections that manifest with an unpleasant odor, redness, itching, and on the infected skin may appear plaque and painful cracks.

Despite the wide choice of pharmaceutical preparations for foot care, you can help your feet by simple care at your own home.

Every night wash your feet and dry them very well, especially skin area between the toes. After that rub your feet with a slice of lemon, because citric acid disinfects. A similar effect is achieved with a solution of alcoholic vinegar and water in ratio 1:4. Apply such a solution on the feet, in the morning and evening and wait until it dries. Also you can apply on your feet cilantro oil or eucalyptus oil.


foot care


  • Foot Spa

Keeping your feet in a warm bath is an excellent way of care. Put your feet for 10-20 minutes in a bowl of warm water. Add a handful of sea salt and a few drops of incense oil. You can put fresh mint or rosemary as well. It will not only refresh tired and sore feet but also the entire body.

  • Cuticles and nails

Cuticles will soften from the warm water, so when you dry your feet, do not cut them with scissors but only gently push the cuticles with a stick with wool. Then moisten them with nutritious cream. Always cut your nails flat, never semicircle, because it will prevent ingrowing toenail.

foot care

  • Softening of the foot skin

When you are able, moisturize the skin of your feet so that you mash them with a nutritious cream, wrap in plastic bag and wear socks at night. The effect will be evident the next morning, because your feet will absorb nutrients.



  • Heel care

If your heels are sensitive and prone to cracking, every night apply on them moisturizer.

foot care

  • Peeling

Remove dead cells from the skin of soles and heels with a mixture of peeling that you will prepare by yourself. You can mix coarse sea salt and wheat semolina with olive oil. Rub your feet with this mixture, especially thickened areas. In this fatty cream you can add a handful of clean sand, and by mixing well you will get an excellent peeling mixture, which will make your feet to be beautiful and smooth by only several uses.

foot care


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