For Better Immunity

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For Better Immunity…

The time when the immunity declines then it comes to diseases, due to the fact that our body is overcome by different types of bacteria and viruses. This is particularly evident during cold days, from late fall to early spring.

The immune system is our natural defense against disease. The immune system is a complex system of white blood cells and antibodies in the body that fight infection, bacteria, viruses and other (harmful) particles.
Any disorder of the immune system leads to a range of health disorders and diseases, because then the body is weakened, and subjected to the action of bacteria and viruses.

For better immunity

What leads to immunity decline?

A lot of factors lead to immunity decline, such as: long-lasting and chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes), operations, frequent infections, prolonged use of antibiotics, stress, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of exercise, too much intellectual and physical work, air pollution, industrial dust, home dust, long exposure to cold weather, excessive sun exposure and heat etc.
Immunity is also damaged by many bad habits, like: smoking, improper diet, long-term diets, poor sleep, irregular resting, pessimism, poor hygiene and so on.
Especially in winter, our body is susceptible to infections.


How to boost immunity?
To strengthen the immunity it is necessary to have healthy habits and responsible behavior towards our body, and that means: proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, resting regularly, daily physical activity, stress reduction, personal hygiene, and hygiene of space.


For better immunity


  • Proper and healthy diet strengthens the immune system. We should consume several smaller regular meals abundant in vitamins (especially E, C and A), minerals, antioxidants, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and calories.
    Fruit: citrus fruits, grapes, apples, almonds and natural fruit juices.
    Vegetable: onions, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli.
    Protein and minerals: chicken soup, lean meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms and dairy products with low fat.
    Also honey and propolis have a number of beneficial effects on the immune system. A favorable combination of hot tea (mint, chamomile, green tea, hibiscus …) sweetened with honey.
    Multivitamins help if we do not consume enough vitamins in regular diet.
  • Regular sleep and rest are essential to our health and reduce stress. It is important to sleep in peace and quiet 7-8 hours a day. The bedroom should not be too hot.

For better immunity


  • In order to reduce stress, during the day take a few minutes to yourself. All you need to do is to sit or lie down in peace and quietness, and not think about the obligations and responsibilities for at least 5 minutes, because it has very beneficial effect on the body.
  • Regular or moderate physical activities can improve immunity up to 50%, which is scientifically proven. It involves: daily walking, swimming or occasionally easy running, recreational hiking.
  • Personal and space hygiene are prerequisites for good immunity. Regular hand washing is implied, because they are most susceptible to infection. Every day you should ventilate your workrooms and bedroom, for 3 to 5 minutes.


These are just some tips that can help us to increase immunity.


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