How to Grow and Care for Balcony Flowers

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Read Here and Find out How to Grow and Care for Balcony Flowers…

When it comes to balcony flowers the choice is very large, but it is a matter of taste and timing that’s important when choosing flowers and plants you want to grow.

However geraniums are inviolable, always easy to be recognized and most often can be seen on the balconies and in the gardens. We mostly inherit several pots of these long-lasting and beautiful flowers from our grandmothers and mothers.

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Geraniums are ideal balcony flowers

We have already said that the most common flowers on the terraces are geraniums, and that every year their number increases. By mixing different colors of these flowers, every year new color combinations can be obtained and that’s the main reason why most women are determined to grow this plant. The growing and keeping of this plant is very simple and does not require too much care. Flowering starts in the spring, throughout the summer and even in the autumn, if the temperature at night does not fall below 10 degrees. The best temperature for this balcony flower is the one which ranges from 10 to 27 degrees, because if it is lower than 10 it begins to wither and decay, and if it is over 30 degrees, it stops growing and stops blossoming. Because of their very decorative and pleasant flowers, geraniums decorate many terraces, gardens and yards.

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The variety of geraniums

There are several types of geraniums. In addition to differences in color, geraniums also differ in shape and size of flowers; usually can be seen with simple or double spaced petals.

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Care and grow of geraniums

Since they bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall, flowers like geraniums on the terraces are an ideal choice, because they do not require a lot of care and attention. It is important to find light places on the terrace, where there is enough sunlight, but it is desirable to avoid direct lightning of the afternoon sun. This is so because if the temperature is higher than 30 degrees, their bloom and growth stops. When it comes late autumn, it is necessary to remove fresh and wilted flowers so as the plant could accumulate energy. The leaves will fall off during the winter, and it is important immediately to remove them from the earth and there is no need to be cut.

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If geraniums are your choice for your balcony, then you should know that this plant likes to be grown in small pots. The watering of these flowers must be responsibly and regularly, you should decide which amount of water is needed, but let it be moderate. Geraniums need water in order the leaves not to wither, but they do not need too much water because their roots can rot. It is recommended that the pots, in which you plant these flowers, to have as many holes as possible.


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Preparing and keeping during the winter

The best way to keep these balcony flowers during the winter is to be put in a room where the temperature is between 8 to 10 degrees. If you had previously shortened them to 20 inches, you should remove the leaves and flowers, and then you do not have to worry about them anymore. These flowers should be watered during the winter only once in two weeks, or even once a month.

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