Healing Plants and Herbs, Their Benefits

Healing Plants and Herbs, Their Benefits…. 

Read about the Benefits of the Following Healing Plants and Herbs:

ARTICHOKES, GARLIC, LINDEN TREE (flowers), CHAMOMILE (dried flowers), and MELISSA OFFICINALIS (fresh and dried aerial parts).

Healing plants



Artichoke is commonly used in a culinary as a vegetable. Improves and eases digestion, and is a useful supplement in the daily diet because it prevents disease of the bloodstream. It is known diuretic and digestive which effectively reduces cholesterol and prevents clogging of blood vessels. Scientific studies show that artichoke protects the liver from infections, stimulates the regeneration of cells in the liver and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. It can be supplied in the form of tinctures, tablets and capsules.

Healing plants


GARLIC (clove)

For 5,000 years garlic is considered to be the perfect remedy. It lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, purifies the body, protects against infection and enhances immunity. It is used to treat clogged blood vessels (arteriosclerosis), asthma, cancer, problems with digestion, heart disease, insomnia, liver disease and sinus inflammation. Hundreds of laboratory studies have shown that allicin, the active ingredient of garlic has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effect and reduces cholesterol. Studies show that people taking one clove of garlic a day can reduce cholesterol levels by 9%. Garlic can be taken fresh, in the form of capsules and tincture.

Healing plants

CAUTION: Garlic contains an active ingredient that prevents blood clotting, persons suffering from this type of disorder, must consult a doctor. In a very small number of people garlic can cause allergic reactions.

LINDEN TREE (flowers)

Fragrant and tasty tea from linden tree is used as a sedative for centuries. It helps open clogged airways, as well as for colds and colic.

Linden tree is rich in flavonoids, and laboratory studies have shown that they sooth the intestines and stomach, as well as inflammation of the middle ear.

Commonly used in a form of tea, but you can also find and extract and tincture.


Healing plants

CAUTION: Too much linden can cause heart obstacles. It is necessary further attention.

CHAMOMILE (dried flowers)

The ancients considered chamomile as a gift of the gods. Has anti-inflammatory action, stimulates appetite and digestion. It helps with colitis, fever, headache and other pains. It relieves stress and difficulties, poor metabolism and insomnia. It relieves spasms in the stomach and intestines. It is used for general relaxation before bedtime. It can be found as a tea, a tincture, essential oil.

Healing plants

WARNING: Very rarely can appear allergy to chamomile.

MELISSA OFFICINALIS (fresh and dried aerial parts)

Good for treating depression and anxiety and reduces stomach nervousness. Its leaves are good in the treatment of fever. Fresh leaves can be added to any drink. It helps relieve herpes simplex, and can be used as a coating on the sick and swollen areas.

Healing plants

CAUTION: The essential oil may cause an allergic skin reaction, and sun spots can appear during exposure to sun.



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