Healing Powers of Chicory

Healing Powers of Chicory

Chicory is a herb that is often used in folk medicine for many ailments.

For healing are used: roots, flowers and leaves. Since the second half of March to the end of May, roots can be dug out, while leaves and flowers are harvested during the flowering of the plant.

This herb cures diseases of the liver and digestive system.

In folk medicine is a natural spring food and mostly used in salads from wild herbs, which are eaten as an early vegetable.

It is used to cleanse the body and is recommended for people with weak appetite, which is increased by its bitter substances.




The healing powers of this herb

It is traditionally used for:

Treatment of liver diseases – acts as a tonic for liver, because it assists in detoxification. It should be consumed tea from chicory roots in jaundice, enlarged liver and cirrhosis.

Treatment of diseases of the digestive system – difficulties in the stomach and intestines, disturbance of digestion and reduced function of the stomach. Also, used in various diets for better work and detoxification of the digestive tract, for better bowel movement in constipation.


Increasing appetite – leaf and root are used.

Stronger excretion of urine (as a diuretic).

Diabetes – as part of the proper diets (hypoglycaemic).


– As a tonic for metabolic processes (metabolism of fats and protein).


Gout and rheumatism – in painful conditions, edema, bone pain, it should be consumed tea from chicory root.




Skin and muscles injuries, as well as bruising and hematomas from a hit or fall – fresh leaves are used as a compress.


Heart diseases – an extract from the root, while the fresh juice is taken to regulate the increased pulse rate.


Against various parasites in the intestines – the milk secretion from the stem is effectively in destroying parasites.


Diseases of the urinary organs – used as an urinary antiseptic, consumed in a form of tea or as an additive in various diets.




Chicory Tea:


For the preparation of this tea it is needed: a small spoonful of root or dried herb and 250 milliliters of water. Mix them together, allow to boil and strain. Drink 200-350 ml per day: in jaundice, problems with the spleen, gastritis and gallstones, anemia, insomnia, diabetes …



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