The Miraculous Plant That Brings Love, Health and Wealth!

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The Miraculous Plant That Brings Love, Health and Wealth!

Bring it in your home and do not worry!

Besides well-being, this plant has taught us the most important life lessons. Just watch this plant how it submits its own misfortunes that nature imposes to and how at the end shines in all its glory.

Bamboo is a symbol of longevity in China, and a symbol of friendship in India. The following are the most important lessons, that the bamboo brings, to be reminded of what we already know, but in everyday life we often forget!

Bamboo - a miraculous plant


  1. What looks weak can be very powerful.

The body of the largest bamboo species is not greater than many other trees in the forest. In addition, they endure cold winters and very hot summers and sometimes the only trees standing after the storm. Remember the words of Yoda teacher: size does not matter.

Look at me. Do you judge me for my size? We do not have to be big to be strong. Remember that the strength and power is in serenity, openness and transparency, in kindness, compassion and cooperation!


  1. Bend down, but not break up.

One of the impressive things about bamboo is its swinging in the breeze. The gentle swaying movement is a symbol of humility. Even after the strongest wind, bamboo is still standing upright. Bend down, but not break is one of the secrets of success during difficult situations or dealing with everyday matters.


  1. Slow down your busy mind.

Today we have access to vast amounts of information than ever before, and most of us live a very fast pace. Life has become quite busy and at times very chaotic.

In this type of environment, it is important to slow down and take the time to calm your busy mind, enjoy the calm of bamboo, in order to see things more clearly.


  1. Be always prepared.

Great aikido master once said: a warrior, as well as bamboo, is always ready for action. Through training and practice can develop its own way of being prepared for any situation whether it would be of a positive or negative experience.

Bamboo - a miraculous plant

  1. Find wisdom in emptiness.

In order to learn something, the first step is to empty ourselves of preconceived notions. The hollow interior of the bamboo reminds us that we are often do not have space for anything else, because we have filled our capacity and we are overloaded. In order to receive wisdom from nature and from the people, we should be open to what is new and different. When you empty your mind of our prejudices, pride and fear, then we become open to all possibilities.

  1. Dedicate yourself to your own growth and development.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It does not matter who we are or where we are – we have incredible potential for growth! Our continuous growth, as growth of bamboo, can be very important, because it does not matter how fast or slow we develop, it is vital that we move forward.

  1. Express your own usefulness through simplicity.

Another Aikido master once said that the bamboo through its simplicity expresses its usefulness and that a man should do the same. Life is complicated enough without our unneeded complications. If we overcome our fear, we would be more creative and find simple solutions for even the most complex problems.

  1. Free your energy so as to be launched.

Bamboo is a symbol of good luck and a symbol of New Year in Japan. A picture of snow-covered bamboo represents the ability to run after perceived trouble. After a winter, the heavy snow bends the bamboo until it becomes hard, then began to fall with him, until bamboo again stood up and shook the snow. Bamboo has filed a heavy load of snow, but in the end it had the strength to move!

Bamboo - a miraculous plant

  1. Laugh and play.

The sound of bamboo leaves on a windy day sounds like a little forest of laughter (if you use your imagination) … it’s very soothing sound. Bamboo is also associated with playfulness as it has been used for generations in traditional drafting of Japanese dragon, art and making traditional dolls. The importance of laughter and playfulness is proved to play an important role in our positive mental and physical health.

We do not need to be perfect … we should just be resistant and flexible. This is the greatest lesson from bamboo!


  1. Feng Shui

In Japan, bamboo is given as a gift because it is a symbol of commitment and sincerity. Keeping a bamboo in a house represents a symbol of longevity and good health.

After Feng Shui, bamboo is the best plant which can be grown at home. It is believed that the bamboo is a plant which brings happiness, among other things, because it contains the five elements: wood, earth, water, fire and metal.

Two bamboos are a symbol of love and a happy marriage; three are kept for good luck, five for health, and eight for wealth.

Bamboo - a miraculous plant


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