Natural Recipes for the Treatment of Dandruff

Natural Recipes for the Treatment of Dandruff

An individual has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs that continuously renew and fall (20 to 40 per day). If you do not lose more of them, there is no need to worry. Otherwise you suffer from various forms of hair loss.
If you have dandruff or suffer from hair loss, due to excessive secretion of oil, you need to pay special attention and proper hair care.


Find out here the best natural recipes that help in the treatment of dandruff.




Natural recipes for the treatment of dandruff:


  1. Recipe with celery

Ingredients: 10g of celery roots and 1l of water

Preparation: Chop the root and cook it for 5 minutes until boiling. Remove from the heat, cover it and wait to cool.

Usage: Strain and wash your hair with it. 


  1. Recipe with lavender and chamomile

Ingredients: 15g of lavender, 25g of chamomile, juice of 1 lemon and 3dl of water

Preparation: Cook lavender and chamomile until boiling. Strain and when it cools add the lemon juice.

Usage: Wash your hair with this lotion. After a while dandruff disappears.




  1. Recipe with nettles and willow

Ingredients: 20g of nettle leaves, 20g of willow bark and 0.5l of water

Preparation: Cover the nettles and willow with water and put them to boil. Remove from heat, cover and wait for it to cool and then strain.

Usage: After washing your hair, massage the root with this lotion as long as possible.


  1. Recipe with onions and alcohol

Ingredients: 1 bigger onion and 1dl of 50% alcohol

Preparation: Clean the onion, chop it up and pour the alcohol. Close and let it stay for five weeks. Then strain, pour in a bottle and close it tightly.

Usage: With this solution massage the hair roots every day. Dandruff surely disappears.



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