Natural Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles

Natural Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles

Prevention and hygiene

Although wrinkles are a normal phenomenon it is advisable to have only those you deserve.

If it seems impossible to prevent wrinkles, at least do not accelerate their occurrence: move away from negligent life, excessive alcohol, smoking and sunbathing! Avoid such mistakes and your face will remain smooth for a long time, and your health will flourish.

Prevent wrinkles

– Cocoa butter is the main substance used in cosmetic preparations for skin softening. It melts on the temperature of the body and moisturizes dry skin, especially around the eyes, around the lips and corners of the neck.

– Almond oil is also among the favorite in the world of cosmetics and perfumes. You can use it as a means of softening the skin and slowing down wrinkles.

– Castor oil is used since Bible times as facial oil. Excellent for skin softening and is a common ingredient of cosmetic preparations.

– Olive oil is used as skin softener and beautifier of the skin from long ago. Before applying, vapor your face, because it will act better on your skin.

Prevent wrinkles

Old French recipe:


First clean thoroughly your skin with tea rose: 4 pinches of rose’s petals for one cup. Afterwards, put compresses from the following liquid, which should stay for 12 hours. Use 1 liter of spring water:

– 1 pinch of greater celandine (fresh leaf and flower),

– 4 pinches of marshmallow (root, leaf and flower),

– 2 pinches of black marshmallow.


Prevent wrinkles

Other anti-aging recipes

  • Once a day apply a mask of vegetables, fruit or herbs (St. John’s wort, pink petals of roses with pale flower, lime, etc.).
  • Those days when you don’t use a mask for beauty, apply on your face a cream of common wormwood, cornflower and St. John’s wort (1 tablespoon tincture of each herb to ¼ liters of fresh cream).
  • Occasionally rub your face with the following lotion for strengthening. Always leave it for 12 hours to soak.

– 1 pinch of wild poppy (flower petals)

– 1 pinch of wild rose (flower petals of rose hips)

– 1 pinch of black mallow (flowers)

– ¼ liter of 70% alcohol.


Prevent wrinkles


  • When changing the annual season you should rub your face with the following tea and put compresses on the wrinkles. In one liter of water put:

– one pinch of red wort,

– chamomile,

– wild rose (petals),

– black mallow (flowers),

– St. John’s wort (flowers),

– roses (petals),

– plantain (leaves)

– cornflower (flowers).

Prevent wrinkles


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