Natural Treatments for Skin Cancer

Natural treatments for skin cancer…

Skin cancer occurs when abnormal cells begin multiplying in its mutated form. Any abnormal growth of skin cells is called cancer of the skin, however only two types are malignant.

Skin cancer can arise from moles that are also changes in the skin. It can be recognized in the three basic types, which are: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

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This disorder has several methods of treatment in its basic form of medical therapy, and they are: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, biological therapy that boosts the functioning of the immune system. The fact is that most of these therapies impair the immune system of patients and create many side effects that are sometimes stronger than the effects of the disease. For this reason it is recommended a natural treatment for skin cancer.

Natural Treatments for skin cancer:

– The oil from the black raspberry seeds is rich in antioxidants and some compounds which effectively act on the cancer.

Seeds of black raspberries are a bit different because they not only kill cancer, but they also enhance the immune system. This characteristic makes the raspberry seeds oil potent alternative medicine and a very powerful prevention for cancer.

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– The extract from an eggplant and its cream contain 10% solasodin glycoside, which is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and keratosis.

BEC is a cream made of the extracts of eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and tobacco and is an excellent natural remedy against malignant and benign skin tumors.

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Myrtle oil is used to treat various diseases. At one point in the history one gram of gold was used to buy one gram of myrtle oil.

The research on this oil is limited, but there are two studies which have shown that this oil kills cancer cells. In these studies it is demonstrated the effectiveness of this oil on the prostate cancer, the breast cancer and also to various forms of skin cancer.

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Incense oil is generally safe for all skin types. For sensitive skin, can be mixed with coconut oil and is applied directly to tumors.

Incense oil was used for thousands of years to treat various diseases and disorders. Several very extensive clinical studies support its medicinal properties in breast cancer and various types of skin cancer.

There are about 17 active ingredients in incense oil and scientists are still not certain which ingredient is responsible for the destruction of any type of cancer. Incense oil can be a key ingredient of a long-term cure for cancer.

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For external application take about 5 ml of incense oil, myrtle oil and oil from black raspberries seeds, and combine them with about 15 grams of natural cream of eggplant.

For oral use combine these oils with about 10 grams of eggplant extract.

In this mixture, you can add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil.

Apply cream or take oral ingredients twice a day for surface or internal tumors.

Supplements that should be used by people suffering from skin cancer are:

– Vitamin D is one of the good vitamins, that is proven to destroy cancer, and also one that is obtained by spending time in the sun. Spending time in the sun and getting vitamin D3, boost the immune system, which will start destroying the cancer.

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– Pancreatic enzyme is taken between meals and thus becomes a proteolytic enzyme. This enzyme enhances the production of a protease enzyme for protein decomposition. This enzyme is released into the bloodstream and it affects a protein sheath of cancer by directly dissolving it. In this way, protease helps the immune system to fight cancer and to destroy it.

Probiotics help the immune system, because 80% of the immune system it is in the intestine. For this reason it is necessary to keep them healthy. Taking probiotics will build a healthy bacterial culture in your intestines.

Selenium is proven to reduce the possibility of death of people suffering from skin cancer by 50%, while by consumption the size of malignancy in the body is reduced by 37%.

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Turmeric it’s been proven to be good anti carcinogenic product. Turmeric effectively kills cancer cells and reduces the growth of cancer. Studies have shown that the effective against breast cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer and cancer of the skin.


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