Now you can grow a lemon tree in your home

Now you can grow a lemon tree in your home…

We all know the importance of lemon in our everyday diet. This is so, because lemons are abundant with vitamins, also minerals like, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. The good news is that you can grow lemons by your own, in your own home. By doing this you will have at any time, fresh, of high quality lemons, and what’s even much more free from any harmful chemicals.

Find out here how to grow a lemon tree in your home:



  1. Buy and plant a lemon tree


In order to get the best results with growing a lemon tree, we recommend you to buy young tree, maybe 2-3 years old. Plant the tree into a plastic (or clay) pot, with a lot of holes in the bottom. Put the tree inside the pot and fill the drainage container with stones to make air flow better. After that you are ready to fill up the pot with soil.

You have to give proper care to your lemon tree. You should water it regularly, but be careful not to over-water. It should be exposed to sunlight 9-10 hours daily. The necessary period for the lemons to grow and be ready for consumption is 6-9 months.


  1. Grow a lemon tree from seed

In order to have a beautiful and healthy lemon tree, you should take a seed from organic lemon. Also another important factor is the soil, which should be fertile, containing natural fertilizers, peat, perlite and vermiculite. The planting pot should be 6 inches wide and six inches deep, while the seedling pot should be 24 inches wide and 12 inches. The perfect place in your home, for growing a lemon tree, should be light and sunny. If it is necessary use a growing lamp.



  • Tips how to plant and grow a lemon tree from seed:


– first of all moisten the soil, but do not soak it.

– take the smaller pot and fill it up with soil.

– remove a seed form a lemon and remove all the pulp from its surface.

– plant it immediately because the seed must be still moist when it is planted into the soil.

– plant the seed in the middle of the pot, at about half an inch deep.

– take a spray bottle and spray the soil directly above the seed.

– next, cover the pot with clear plastic wrap, seal the edges with a rubber band, and poke small holes in the top, using a pencil.



– find warm and sunny location and place the pot there.

– do not allow the soil to dry out, so spray it occasionally.

– when you see that the sproutling appears, then you should remove the plastic covering.

– next step is to take proper care of the young plant, which means it should get at least 8 hours sunlight daily, give moderate doses of organic fertilizer and keep the soil damp.

– when the plant is big enough and outgrows its small pot, put it in a bigger one.





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