Pumpkin – a Source of Health, Beauty and Slenderness

Pumpkin – a source of health, beauty and slenderness

Pumpkin has well known and confirmed medicinal properties. Pumpkin (Cucurbita Maxima) is a member of the family “Cucurbitaceae”, a vegetable that appears in many different shapes and sizes. The various types differ in appearance and taste, but they all have common characteristics, such as protective cover that allows to be kept for a long time.



Rich in nutrients, and since there are only 28 calories in 100 grams, it is an ideal food for healthy weight loss.

It is comprised of a high level of antioxidants and carotene, and especially high levels of vitamin C and E. With its healing properties, it is ideal to fight against heart disease, the risk of cancer, cataracts and stroke. It contains potassium which is important for heart function, phosphorus and calcium that affect bones and teeth, iron is important for blood and manganese which protects the skin.

The inside fleshy part of this vegetable is rich in beta carotene and vitamin E – powerful antioxidants that are important for the prevention and fight against cancer. Thanks to the cellulose, it possesses purgative capacity, the ability to purify the body of waste products. Pumpkin is a good laxative that cures inflammation of the intestines and prevents bowel cancer.




It is also recommended for the treatment of acne. The wealth of natural balanced minerals and vitamins in pumpkin helps to strengthen the body’s resistance and greater mental freshness and vitality.

Pumpkin can be used for skin care, to improve the state with problematic facial skin, treating acne and as a mask to revitalize the skin, it also improves the process of sleep.

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein, 50 grams of seeds meet half the daily needs of amino acids. With consuming seeds, we supply our body with omega-3 fatty acids, which are known as guardians of the heart, sight and mood.

Pumpkin oil contains a large percentage of beta carotene, vitamin E and potassium, substances that our body needs.




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