Why Riding a Bike is Good for Our Health?

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Why Riding a Bike is Good for Our Health?


For many, riding a bike is a favorite way of transport of getting from one distance to another, but for others a way to relax. However, it offers many benefits to our health.

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Riding a bike is great for concentration

A survey involving about 20,000 children in Denmark shows that riding a bike or walking to school increases the concentration of children. That it must not wonder, especially since there are many additional studies that confirm the positive impact of cycling on our memory and concentration.

So, according to this, cycling for about 30 minutes every day affects the improvement of our memory and focus, also facilitates the resolution of everyday mental tasks like planning and the speed of comprehension.


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It strengthens the immune system

Dutch employers conducted a little research and they found out that employees who come to work by bicycle take fewer sick days, apart from the rest. To similar data has been released after research conducted at Cambridge University.


It gives additional power

People who regularly ride a bike are less tired. Scientists at the University of Georgia found that 20 minutes of easy cycling three times a week helps to reduce fatigue by 65% and reduce alertness by 20%.


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It improves sleep

According to research conducted at Stanford University, those who have trouble sleeping, improve their sleep after they added cycling as one of their everyday habits. Those participating in the study slept an hour more than usual, and what’s even more they fall asleep two times faster. It was enough to ride a bike for about 30 minutes in the afternoon.

Cycling calms

There is no doubt that cycling itself is calming activity, but now it is proved by scientists. Harvard psychiatrist John Rejti claims that during riding a bike, substances that soothe and relax are secreted.

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