Your Skin and Herbs – General Tips for All Skin Types

Your Skin and Herbs – General Tips for All Skin Types


When women on their face would have used only roses, for stomach only carrots and for body only ivy, then in a short time they’d have their true beauty.

Herbs can be wonderful allies of the skin. They can treat and keep the skin in the right condition, when you drink fresh juice and tea, but also external use as baths, compresses, lotions…




Here are some general tips that are worth for all skin types:


  • In each season juices of different fruit are of great use for your skin, such as apple, beet, cucumber, lemon, carrot, parsley, etc. Drink them as much as you like and apply them on your body.


  • As Cleopatra bathed in milk and added honey and almond oil, and you should also use baths of bran (1 sack of ½ kg put in the bath). To start healing the ingredient penetrates the pores, and you should also drink tea from barley grains, 4 pinches for a cup.


  • After the bath rub your body with vinegar made of roses, and here’s the RECIPE: in one liter of vinegar put 10 handfuls of roses and leave them for a week. In the same way and with the same quantity you can make vinegar from lavender, from orange blossoms, leaves of mint, verbena, etc.





  • If you feel that your skin is lifeless, it is not firmed, you do not need a soothing bath but a mix that will rejuvenate you. Here is an excellent RECIPE: per liter of water put 2 pinches of mint leaves, a pinch of rosemary leaves and flowers, 2 pinches of sage leaves and flowers, and a pinch of thyme.


  • After the bath strongly rub your body using a lotion made of black mallow flowers, leaves and petals of white rose and marigold flower (RECIPE: 2 pinches from each herb put in 1/2l 70% alcohol, and leave it for 12 hours) or toilet water from lemon and verbena (RECIPE: peel of one lemon and three pinches of verbena put in the same amount of water and leave it for 12 hours; filter, this eau de toilette is for men).





  • Periodically put on the face a mask for beautyRECIPE: 1 egg yolk mixed with a teaspoon of pure olive oil, leave it to stand for 15 minutes and remove with a cotton swab moistened in lukewarm milk to which are added a few drops of extract of roses.


  • In the season of black currant apply cure of black currant juice, nothing better than that will give balance, suppleness and shine to your skin. Simultaneously apply, twice a day on the whole body, warm compresses soaked with the following bath which must stand for one night (per liter of water) RECIPE: 10 pinches of mallow flowers, 10 pinches of rose leaves, 10 pinches leaves and flowers of garden thyme. In addition, in the morning and evening drink the following mixed fountain and for one cup you will need – RECIPE: 2 pinches of anise grains, 2 pinches of basil leaves, 2 pinches of sage, 2 pinches of linden flowers.




  • In addition, you will also find very beneficial some other herbs, especially those which clean blood. If necessary you can try the following preparations:

* For all of those are used 2-3 pinches for one cup.

  tea of mugwort flowers

 tea of rose flowers or wild roses

 tea of flowers and leaves of sage

 tea of flowers and leaves of soapwort

 tea of marigold flowers





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