Springtime is Coming – 3 Ideas for “Mini” Garden in your Home

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Springtime is Coming – 3 Ideas for “Mini” Garden in your Home…..


No matter the size and style of your home, plants are always a good idea. There is nothing to lose if you let your everyday life to be in touch with nature, and does not need to look for excuses why you do not have a garden at home.

Below read and find out more about some ideas for mini gardens that will not rob too much space, and yet will bring freshness in rooms where you are staying.



  • Garden “on a Plate”

If you have a wooden tray that is not in use, it is time to use it in the right way. Take a few glass containers, and inside put some plants that can thrive in such an environment. To this arrangement you can add a bouquet of fresh flowers.




  • Office Garden

Enrich your office space with little greenery and freshness. There are plenty of decorative plants that can bring a little zen-setting in your working environment. Select plants that are easy to keep and grow, and that will not take you too much time in the working period.




  • Garden “with a View of the World”

This is perhaps one of the simplest ideas for performance. On one hand, you are “killing” the boredom of an empty window; on the other hand, the plants will not rob you an additional part of the space in your home. For all this decoration to be more specific and unique, it would be interesting if you set up plants in different sizes by the window. Enjoy the view!




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