8 Ways to Wake up Fresh and more Beautiful

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8 Ways to Wake up Fresh and more Beautiful   Sleep is very important for normal functioning, as well as for our physical appearance. That’s why it would be ideal if we could have 8 hours of quality sleep, which … Continued


Homemade Recipes to Remove Acne Scars

Homemade Recipes to Remove Acne Scars   Acne recover relatively quickly, but unfortunately, if you treat them incorrectly can leave scars for a lifetime. Sometimes, even the most perfect makeup cannot cover them, so you are left with nothing else … Continued


Care during Pregnancy

Care during Pregnancy…. There is not a future mother who is not expecting their renewed happy and excited, no matter if it is first pregnancy or who knows which. Also it is naturally, a woman, especially one that is young, … Continued


Natural Treatments of Milia Spots

Natural Treatments of Milia Spots…. These tiny white spots are not acne – here’s how to treat them…. Milia is the technical term for those tiny white spots which appear on the skin. Usually appear clustered in one area, often on … Continued


What Do Dairy Products, Wine and Sugar Do to Your Face?

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Are you aware of how dairy products, wine, gluten and sugar affect the appearance of your face? Experts and nutritionists believe that the food and drink a person consumes can visibly alter its appearance and skin. Some say that consuming … Continued