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The Silent Healer – Aloe Vera

The Silent Healer – Aloe Vera   Aloe vera is one of the oldest and the most healing herbs. It is mentioned in the writings of the ancient physicians in the Bible and in the texts of most creators of … Continued


Foot Care

Foot Care   Feet that are not nourished, are not only an aesthetic problem, because cracked heels, ingrowing toenail or fungal infections can cause problems with walking and choosing shoes, generally make us feel uncomfortable. The worst variant is feet … Continued


Tinea Versicolor – Natural Treatments

Tinea Versicolor – Natural Treatments… Tinea versicolor is a fungal skin disease that occurs during the summer months. It is about white stains that commonly occur on the neck, and if not treated can spread throughout the body. If you want … Continued