The Power of the Apple

The Power of the Apple


Apple may disrupt the harmony in the Heaven, but a bite of this delicious fruit is definitely not a sin and can only positively affect your health.

No matter what kind of an apple you choose, a red, yellow or green one, your body and health will be thankful for it.



Apples are an excellent fruit rich in various vitamins and minerals. In its composition contains B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. What’s even more this juicy fruit contains many antioxidants and fiber that further enhance the immune system of the body.

Taking this into consideration, we can say for sure that each apple contains different substances that have soothing effect on your health and your appearance as well.



Find out below the benefits of consuming apples:

– They help you to keep your teeth whiter and healthier

– They have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and allow better breathing

– They are allies of keeping your body fit

– They have a beneficial impact over the digestive system and facilitate digestion

– They boost the immune system

– They lower cholesterol and act positively on the heart and blood vessels

– They protect against different types of cancers

– They aid in the regulation of the blood sugar

– The apple cider vinegar helps against dandruff





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