Tips for Keeping and Growing Beautiful Indoor Plants

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Tips for Keeping and Growing Beautiful Indoor Plants…

Proper Care for the Christmas Star

When Christmas star finishes blooming, it should be placed in a cooler room and stop watering it.

However, after a period of dormancy, it will be ready for the new season if you have properly taken care of the Christmas star.

Indoor plants

While blooming, it is necessary to keep the plant in a colder room at a temperature of 12-14 ° C, because in a warmer room quickly fades. This flower needs lighter place, usually by the window and moist air. When finishes blooming or when its bracts fall off, the plant can be moved in a little colder room, the most suitable temperature is 10-12 ° C. At this time it should stopped watering and the leaves start to fade and fall off, which means that the period of dormancy begins. In April, the plant should be replanted into a fresh, nourishing soil with 15% of clean river sand.

Indoor plants

When replanted, the branches should be shortened to 10 cm. On those places where you’ve cut the branches put charcoal dust or simply burn them with burning candle, so as the milk from the plant would not leak. And this is important because, if milk from the plant leaks, it would be difficult for the flower to re-flourish. Replanted flower should be kept on a light and warm place, near a window, and at the beginning water it cautiously. When it starts to grow out new branches and leaves, water it abundantly, and always use lukewarm water.

Indoor plants

At the end of June you can carry out, on a sunny place. Since the plant is in full growth, every 15 days it is necessary to use supplemental feeding. By the autumn it will have strong shoots. When colder days come, take the plant into a warmer and light area, by the window.

Indoor plants


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