Valerian Tea – Excellent for Nervous Diseases

Valerian Tea – Excellent for Nervous Diseases


Healing part of the plant: for preparation of the curative tea, the roots are collected during the period of fall.



Treatment: Valerian root is used for preparation of this curative tea, and has been successfully used in all nervous diseases. Excellent results are achieved with epilepsy, hysteria, hypochondria, fits around the heart, nervous twitching in the trachea, in the chest (asthma), stomach and intestines.


valerian tea


It is recommended for the treatment of nervous headache, migraine, dizziness and vomiting.


It is used in three ways: in general anxiety and nervousness that may further increase due to insomnia irritation that occur as a result of anxieties, especially during the nerve heart difficulties accompanied by increased heart rate and a feeling of fear in the area of the heart.


In general, valerian tea is a very good natural cure in the occurrence of digestion disorders because of the hassles or in low digestive secretions for digestion in the stomach and intestines to nervousness caused by convulsive states with a feeling of nausea in nervous vomiting and convulsive seizures in case of bloating. Moreover, this tea is not harmful, and it is tested in the successful quitting of the harmful use of alcohol and nicotine.


Valerian tea should not be used longer than three weeks, and it is necessary to make a break of five weeks. Valerian lowers the blood pressure and makes you drowsy, so in case of low blood pressure is better to use hawthorn tea (Crataegus oxyacanta).


valerian tea



  • Tea mixture for nerves (Species nervinae)


It takes 30 grams of valerian, 30 grams of leaves of mint (Mentha piperita), 40 grams of bitter leaf clover (Menyanthes trifoliata).

One tablespoon of this mixture pour with 2,5dl boiling water, then leave to stand in a sealed container about half an hour and drain.

Drink this tea warm, three times a day in a small glass dish.



  • Tea mixture for nervousness, heart difficulties and impaired blood pressure


For preparation of this tea it is necessary a mixture of 15 grams of valerian, hawthorn blossom (Crataegus oxyacanta), lavender (Lavandula vera), cumin (Carum carvi) and 15 grams of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis).

Three tablespoons of the mixture pour with half a liter of boiling water, then put a lid over the pot and leave it for two hours, then drain. Drink this tea sweetened with honey, and into four equal portions throughout the day.


valerian tea


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