White Hawthorn for Healthy Heart

White Hawthorn for Healthy Heart

The white hawthorn is a very beneficial and healing herb; especially it is used for healthy heart.

The flowers, leaves and bark from this plant are used for healing. The taste is sweet and less sour. These parts of the plant should be carefully stored, it is the best to be kept in paper or cloth packs.

White hawthorn is a bush that grows no more than five meters in height, but is enduring and lives up to 100 years. The fruits of this plant are dark red.

Healthy Heart


  • What are the ingredients of this plant?

This herb is very beneficial for the heart, and this is so thanks to the flavonoids and many other beneficial substances that are found in its composition. The white hawthorn dilates arteries, improves blood circulation, increases the strength of the heart muscle and regulates its work. What’s even more, flavonoids have a calming effect on the central nervous system, by reducing his hyperactivity.


Healthy Heart

  • How to use this plant?

Tea: In 100 ml of boiling water put 1 gram of flowers. Leave it for 15 minutes and then strain.

Healing tea: Put 2 grams of the fruit or bark cut into large pieces in 100 ml of water. Once it boils, cook the tea for 10 minutes and strain.

Tincture: Put 100 grams of the flowers and leaves into half а liter of alcohol and half а liter of water. Leave this mixture to stay for 3 weeks in a dark and dry place. After that, strain the tincture and use immediately.



Healthy Heart


  • When it is useful for heart disease?

White hawthorn is one of the best medicines for the heart, and can be used for a long time. This is confirmed by the classical medicine. In the German-speaking countries, more than 100 products that are produced on the basis of white hawthorn are used. However, the usage of this herb should be under medical supervision.

As antidiuretic: the fruit of white hawthorn has properties of tightening the tissue.

For external use: white hawthorn is effective against inflammation of the mouth and gums.

Healthy Heart


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